Our Team
Project and Programme Manager:
Miriam Shakambet

Miriam is a Public Policy graduate of International Politics at Kings College School in London. She believes strongly in an ethos of collective harmony and facilitating a smooth intercultural exchange of ideas and is an active proponent of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine.

VH in Schools
Head Teacher:

Rona Francis

Rona graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in Physiology and is co-author to the book 'Obtaining Your Optimal Health' published in 2009. She is a qualified teacher and has been working as a homeopath and Bioresonance therapist, running workshops and seminars in the UK and worldwide. Rona graduated at the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine in 2011, with a particular interest in Preventative Bioregulation.

VH in Special Needs
Head Teacher:

Helen Cherry

Helen is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique, counsellor of the Option Process dialogue, a qualified bioregulatory therapist and an active member of the British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, running a private practice in Bexhill, East Sussex. Since overcoming personal health problems in 1989, Helen has since been motivated to share approaches that deal with the prevention and facilitation of homeostatic mechanisms that regulate health.

VH in Nursing Homes
Head Teacher:

Peter Rimenschneider

Peter is a business and finance professional with entrepreneurial businesses in the United States, Germany and England. He began working in the healthcare industry in 2009; creating and implementing turn-around marketing strategies to build operations in 10 care homes. Currently in process of developing 'Dementia Lite Programme' in conjunction with the Biomedic Centre for prevention and deceleration of degenerative diseases.

VH in Nurseries
Head Teacher:

Ruth Morris

After a career in production, sales and import; she began gathering qualifications, knowledge, training and experience to become a successful counsellor. Ruth works with feelings and emotions enabling people to process difficult experiences. Her goal is to help children improve their confidence, communicate more effectively and better understand their feelings.

Medical Advisor:
Dr Tatyana Bosh

Dr Tatyana Bosh is a former GP and a proponent of Bioregulatory Preventative Medicine, a concept of healthcare based on an optimisation of auto-regulatory capacities of the body. She has lectured widely, and is the current president and co-founder of the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, with its programme now running internationally. She is also co-founder of the Biomedic Centre in central London.

Media Advisor:
Frederikke Barclay

Frederikke is a patron of the Biomedic Foundation and has years of experience in working with the media. She is a passionate devotee of spreading health awareness and facilitating healthy lifestyles, and also maintains a keen interest in nurturing the environment.

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